WE LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS! If you wish to become involved with our organization, we are always grateful for our volunteers. Generally, our volunteers choose a day and time that is convenient for them during our open hours. Volunteers do have to fill out a short application for approval prior to starting. Please call if you have time to spare 715-479-9777.

tim walk stellaWalking Dogs or Socializing Cats

This is a great way for our pets to get some needed exercise and helps them be more comfortable with their stay with us while they wait for their permanent home. With consistency, our dogs learn to walk nicely and offer their new owners a more obedient new friend. Walkers are needed Mon, Tues, and Thurs, Fri from 9am till 3pm. Saturdays from 9am till 1pm. Adult Dog walkers are needed on regular intervals desperately; it is good for them and you! It is also much more reasonable than a healthclub membership! We are in need of strong adult dog walkers that have large dog experience. Visiting with the cats gives them a chance to stretch, play, be introduced to grooming, and just plain old snuggling.

Kennel or Catroom Cleaning

This involves the heavy-duty cleaning / disinfecting of the sheltered animals’ cages/kennels each morning. Clean cages are important for the health of the animals, and a tidy cage and fresh bed lessens the stress factor for each animal by making their area a bit more comfortable. We also welcome everyone willing to do laundry, fold, sweep, mop, dishes, windows, summer plantings, decorating/visual improvements, handymen and women, and organizing.  Volunteers are needed Mon, Tues, and Thurs, Fri from 9am till 3pm. Saturdays from 9am till 1pm.  If you like to clean, this may be just the job for you!


Throughout the year we have many fund raisers and can always use help. Tasks can vary greatly from: helping with the newsletter, making signs/posters, working on floats for parades, baking or providing goods for sale, selling raffle tickets, staffing booths, cooking or serving at the Santa Breakfast, and the list goes on and on. Participating in a fund raiser can be done either behind the scenes or working directly with the public. Keep an eye on the events page for volunteer meetings scheduled for upcoming events and fundraising.  Interested?  Call 715- 479-9777.


If you have any type of professional skill such as: carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting, dog and cat grooming, grant writing, sales, artistry, public speaking, etc. To become a volunteer contact the Shelter at 715-479-9777

Foster Care Volunteer Program

Fostering an animal means you are providing food, water, and a stable environment. The animal shelter does provide all approved medical expense for the animal while in the foster program until it is adopted. All fosters just as adopters need to be approved first through an application. Fostering is very limited at HSVC and usually reserved for pregnant cats for up to 8 weeks and severe medical cases that will not be available for adoption until treatment is finished. For more information and how to get approved please call us!!! Please call the Shelter at (715) 479-9777 to see how you can help