Below are biographies of some of the people behind the Humane Society:

Melissa Klessig (President of Board)

Melissa is the prior director and has been a Humane Officer in the past for Vilas County is very knowledgeable in animal care and law. She is a currently an active volunteer for HSVC and is active in animal welfare education for children. She is the proud owner of adoptive animals.


    Sandy has begun with our family here at HSVC as of 2014 and is a welcome asset. She has been volunteering and fundraising for HSVC for the past 4 years. She is a proud owner of adoptive animals.

MARY PLATNER (Board Member) Mary has served successfully on many boards in the community and we are proud to have her expertise, passion for animals and their welfare, along with her “let’s get it done style” she is a passionate volunteer in all aspects of life.